How can I get out of the House on Time in the Mornings?

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Getting out of the house on time in the mornings is an absolute necessity for many of us. Whether we have to get to work or school, being late is not an option. Yet, with clothing needs and things such as lunches and paperwork to remember to take along, getting out of the house on time can be a real challenge. However, with a little planning, designated places in the home for the things we need in the morning and an organized area by the front door, it is possible to get out of the house on time!


  1. Planning Center — Whether you decide to keep your planning center inside a kitchen cupboard, inside the front hall closet, or somewhere else, a simple white board and a small bulletin board are all you need. You can use the bulletin board to display train schedules, important memos and reminders. The white board will give you space to jot down things you must remember to do or to take with you in the morning. Whenever possible, pack items you need to take with you in your bag the night before.

  2. Designated Storage Places — Choose a part of your bedroom closet to put your entire outfit for the next day so it's all there and ready for you in the morning. This is a popular strategy for getting out of the house on time as it saves time trying to find matching pieces of clothing and realizing too late that you forgot to iron or wash something. If you always make a point to put together your outfit the night before, you'll always have it all ready when you need it in the morning. Another time saving storage idea is to have a dish on your dresser top or bathroom countertop to hold the jewelry you'll be wearing in the morning. You should also have your lunch bag already in the fridge the night before to grab quickly on your way out the door in the morning.

  3. Front Door Zone — Have your coat, shoes and umbrella ready to go. It's a good idea to have the bag you take with you to school or work near the front door as well. Always put as much of what you'll need in the bag the night before to help you get out of the house on time in the morning. You can keep everything together inside the closet so that you don't have a big mess near the door. Keys and train fare can stay neat in a decorative dish on a hall table so they're easy to find in the morning on your way out the door on time!


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Post 3

I never leave the house without having applied moisturizer and makeup on my face. But I don't always have time to do something elaborate with my hair and makeup in the morning.

I keep my hair simple, in a pony tail usually. For the makeup, I have put together a simple look on my free time and I practiced it a couple of times. It's really great because now I can have my hair and makeup ready in three to five minutes.

I also try on the outfit I'm going to wear the day before so that there are no surprises like a missing button or a stain. I also check the weather for the next day in case I need to dress differently or keep a raincoat or umbrella out.

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The reason I'm usually a little late to work is my two dogs who I have to take outside in the morning. The problem is that sometimes it's a quick walk and I'm back in the house in time to get ready and go out. But sometimes, it takes longer. I have no choice but to wake up earlier to have extra time to walk them in the morning.

I've also considered hiring a dog walker to take them out for me. If I am unable to keep waking up early, then I will probably do that.

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If you have the habit of having breakfast at home in the mornings, you can also prepare it the day before sometimes. It's not necessary for cereals and such, but if it's a cheese sandwich for example, you can have it ready to warm up and eat in the morning. You can also have instant coffee or tea instead of brewed coffee to save time.

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