How can I get into the Christmas Spirit?

As the Christmas season draws near, you may not feel very enthused about it, or you may be looking for different ways to celebrate. You’re not alone; there are many people that feel the same way. Before Christmas passes you by, there are many ways that you can get into the Christmas spirit and take full advantage of all of the joys the season has to offer.

Considering that Christmas is known as a time for giving, consider donating toys to a local charity, food to a food pantry or money to a worthy cause. Volunteering is also appreciated by many organizations. It’s a way to help those that are less fortunate and get into the Christmas spirit.

Building a gingerbread house is another enjoyable way to get into the Christmas spirit. This is a small project that can be done with loved ones or by yourself and isn’t expensive to put together. A gingerbread house can also be delicious to eat after it has finished its purpose of being a decoration.

Around Christmas there are many places that serve holiday-inspired foods and beverages such as egg nog, gingerbread coffee and peppermint ice cream. Consider getting together with loved ones for some conversation and a bit of indulgence. Spending time with loved ones and consuming treats can be an easy and inexpensive way to get into the Christmas spirit.


If you prefer to make your own holiday treats, consider inviting some friends over for a Christmas cookie baking party. Everyone can help bake cookies, sit down afterward to enjoy their handiwork and each others' company, then take some cookies home to eat in the days to follow. In addition, it can be a great way to learn new recipes that you may have never heard of before.

Decorating your home is a way that you can help get yourself into the Christmas spirit. The decorations don’t have to be expensive or excessive, but they should reflect your personal taste. They should be something that you will take pleasure in looking at from the moment they’re put up to when they’re taken down.

In addition to enjoying your decorations, you can drive around to see how others have decorated their homes as well. Consider picking up some hot chocolate to drink during the drive. In addition, playing your favorite Christmas music on the radio and singing along may help to enhance the experience.

Christmas spirit isn’t something that can be forced; it’s something that is felt in your heart. Even if you don’t feel inspired at first, there are various activities that could get you enthused about the holidays in no time. Christmas comes only once a year so you may want to try to enjoy it as much as possible while it is around.



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When I was a kid, my mother used to have us make Christmas candles. We would dip the candlewicks in alternating color candle wax to create layered candles of red, white, and green. I do not remember how to actually make them now, but I remember it was a lot of fun dipping candles and giving them to family and friends.

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@ FrameMaker- I have another idea on how to get into the Christmas spirit. I like to gather the family and make Christmas wreaths. It started as something I used to do as a kid in Hawaii. My family and I would gather ti leaves, ferns and branches from Ahia trees to make festive tropical wreaths. This became a family tradition, and as we moved around the country, we would gather materials and make wreaths with local plants. These creative wreaths are always so much more fun to make, and they make for great conversation pieces when guests arrive.

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Thanks for the great tips on how to make the Christmas holiday better. I always seem to like Christmas less and less. For me, Christmas marks the end of a school semester, and lots of catching up to do. I am an adult returning to school so for me Christmas break is a time to catch up on badly needed house cleaning, battle the last minute crowds to do Christmas shopping, and scramble to make it out to see family. Sometimes I feel like it is one of the worst times of year because everything is so busy, and all I want to do is relax.

Today I decided to make the first family gingerbread house with my daughter and

wife. It is the ugliest house, but it was a lot of fun to build. The sugar buzz also helped to wear my daughter out. The one good thing about a little sugar early is that it leads to an early bedtime. Taking a break with family made the holidays much more enjoyable.

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