How can I get Along with my Roommate?

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When it comes to living with someone, you want to make an attempt to get along with that person for the sake of keeping peace in the home. At the end of the day, you want to go home knowing you will find tranquility, not aggravation and tension. There are easy ways you can make an effort to increase the chances of getting along with your roommate.

One way you could get along with your roommate is if you respect their quiet time. If they have to go to bed or wake up earlier then you do, you should do your best to stay as silent as possible. Even if they’re just studying or reading, make an effort to show consideration for what they’re doing.

If you are going to be bringing someone home with you, you should call your roommate first to see if it would be a problem. Whether they already have someone over and want privacy or just don’t want anyone over at all, it’s better to ask first before just bringing someone by. It could help to show them that you have respect for their wishes.

You may increase your chances of getting along with your roommate if you include him or her in your activities. If you are planning on going out with your friends or simply want to go see a movie, ask them to come along. They may start to feel more like your friend instead of just someone that you live with.


While you may be used to having things a bit messy, your roommate may not be. You could possibly get along better with each other if each of you sees that the other is pulling their weight around the house. If you are going to live with someone, you should make an extra effort to pick up after yourself and help clean your home.

Privacy is an important part of any relationship, and the one you have with your roommate is no different. You should make sure you don’t invade their personal space, eavesdrop on their phone calls or read any of their private information. Everyone deserves to have certain information private, even if they are living with someone else.

When living with someone, one thing you should keep in mind is to treat him or her the way you would like to be treated. Chances are you would rather live with someone you get along with as opposed to someone you don’t. You may have more of a chance of getting along with your roommate if you practice simple courtesy and you’re friendly to them.



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Post 3

My daughter got into it with one of her roommates and has now started moving items back home. If they do not stay there are they considered to be abandoning the place? It's my daughter, her boyfriend and another couple. I need help.

Post 2

@stormyknight- I would have to agree with your friend. It's time for the roommate to go. If someone is living with you and paying you rent, they do have certain rights. However, there still has to be respect. It sounds like your friends' roommate has no respect for her or the children involved.

Post 1

My best friend recently acquired a roommate. My friend has a two-year-old daughter and her new roommate has a one-year-old daughter. It was financially beneficial for both of them. However, after a couple of weeks, the roommate started inviting her boyfriend over, which was okay. After a couple more weeks, he started spending the night.

It got to the point where the roommates' boyfriend practically lived there. Their bedrooms were beside each other so my friend and her daughter could hear all of their nighttime noises. My friend talked to her and asked her to please try to keep the noises down. She really wants her to move out because she said that the financial gain is not worth the stress.

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