How can I Find an Internship in my Field?

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Whether a college student wishing to obtain some work related experience, or someone with years of experience looking to change fields, the internship is a practical way to move forward with career goals. However, finding the right internship can often be a confusing process. Here are some suggestions on how to find an internship that will prove useful in years to come.

One great way to find an internship that is applicable to your field of expertise is to begin with the local university. Available field internships are often posted on bulletin boards around the campus. In addition, it is not unusual for key departmental instructors to have access to information about various internships. While this sort of information is often aimed at graduates and undergraduates of the institution, many of these types of internships are open to anyone with the proper qualifications.

Another method that may be used to find an internship is to make good use of your existing social and business networks. Perhaps someone in on of these circles is aware of an organization that provides a field internship that is ideal for your course of study or area of expertise. Chances are very good that getting the word out on what type of internship you are seeking will yield some results in a relatively short period of time.


A third way to find an internship is to check with businesses and professional associations that are part of your field of expertise. Check out the web sites operated by these entities; if there are internship programs, they will often be listed somewhere on the company web site. Just to make sure, it never hurts to make contact by phone. Even if the entity does not have an internship to offer, they may know of one and be able to provide you with contact details.

While there are multiple options that may be used to find an internship, most of them will require some effort on the part of the individual. There may be a lot of site visits, phone calls, and research required before any solid chances for securing an internship materialize. If at all possible, begin the search well before you will be free to begin your time as an intern. The more potential options you have, the easier it will be to find an internship that will provide the experience that is right for your career goals.



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