How can I Find a Practitioner of the Alexander Technique?

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The Alexander technique is a form of alternative therapy that focuses on understanding your body's natural rhythms rather than moving and acting out of habit and everyday routine. A practitioner of the Alexander technique can help you to reduce tension, ease muscular pains, and manage stress. There are some guidelines that can help separate serious experts from those who are not ready to share their knowledge. Getting recommendations, seeking out people who are certified, and meeting with the person to make sure that he or she understands your needs are all good ways to find a practitioner who's right for you.

If you know somebody who has visited a practitioner of the Alexander technique, ask for a reference. Find out how he or she felt about the experience and if he or she was satisfied. A first-hand recommendation is often the best way to find a practitioner, but if you don't know anybody who has tried the technique, ask your health care provider. More and more medical professionals are accepting of alternative therapies, and many would be happy to refer you to someone they know and trust. Your insurance provider is another option. While not all insurance companies cover alternative medicine, some may, and in that case, they would be able to provide you with the names and addresses of Alexander technique practitioners in your area.


Ask at the local health food store or herb shop if you're still looking. You can also check the free publications that are usually available at organic markets. Most of them list local practitioners in the area and can be a great resource. Another option is the Internet. Web directories are a great resource, as are the websites of professional associations.

Once you have found several candidates, ask them for their credentials. A certified practitioner of the Alexander technique should have completed a three-year training course. While other study options exist, make sure that the practitioner you choose has taken more than a weekend training course, and that he or she is knowledgeable about techniques and procedures.

Make sure the practitioner understands your needs and responds favorably to your worries as well. The Alexander technique requires you to relax to understand your body's natural rhythm; unless you're able to trust the specialist, the session may not work at all for you.



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