How can I Deal with First Trimester Morning Sickness?

First trimester morning sickness is often one of the initial symptoms of pregnancy, and many times, it is the most troublesome. Consuming soda crackers will usually ease your discomfort if you are suffering from nausea, especially when you first wake up in the morning. When you start to feel better and you are ready to eat a meal, be careful not to overindulge in greasy or spicy foods. Doing so may bring back uncomfortable feelings of queasiness. First trimester morning sickness often subsides after 12 weeks, so rest assured, the symptoms are usually temporary.

If you normally feel nauseous first thing in the morning, keep some crackers on your night table. Before getting out of bed, eat a few of them and then wait for 15 minutes or so. You should then find that the symptoms are less severe when you start your day. Some women experience nausea intermittently, and even during the evening hours. If you are facing a similar situation, consider giving yourself some extra time to rest.

Overdoing activities can contribute to first trimester morning sickness. If nausea does not subside throughout the day, you may need more time to relax. Some women take a nap in the afternoon to help ease symptoms. Getting the proper amount of sleep, coupled with proper eating habits, can help you feel better.


Consuming several small meals a day is preferred over large meals that can contribute to feelings of discomfort. Frequent light snacking between meals may also prove helpful and lessen the symptoms of first trimester morning sickness. You should avoid heavily spiced or oily cuisine, which have a tendency to worsen stomach upset.

Many women find that their senses are heightened and they are more sensitive to smells during the first few months of pregnancy. It is generally best to avoid exposure to the scents that make you feel queasy. The smells that cause the sensitivity can be quite unpredictable.

Some women experience nausea after smelling common foods, such as toast or chicken, while others are affected by random items, like cologne. When you discover the offensive odor, avoid it if you can. Keeping windows open in the house may be helpful, especially while cooking.

On the other hand, certain smells can actually help alleviate symptoms of first trimester morning sickness. Fresh lemon, for example, may relieve nausea for some women. Others find the scent of ginger calms a queasy stomach. If these methods are helpful, you may want to keep the products handy.

In the event that you find yourself suffering from frequent vomiting as a result of first trimester morning sickness, be sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a common complication of the symptom and can be dangerous for you and your fetus. Drink small amounts of water frequently throughout the day, instead of gulping a large quantity at once. This can reduce the chance of vomiting, while increasing hydration.



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I'd have been in the hospital without ginger ale and Sprite. It was all I could keep down for about three weeks. I could keep crackers down if I ate like a tiny corner of a cracker every 15 minutes or so. If I ate the whole thing -- it all came right back up. I also sucked on ice chips throughout the day. I couldn't stand to eat anything warm. It all had to be cold, and preferably liquid. I could do popsicles and that sort of thing, but any cooked food or savory food was o-u-t.

I survived on chocolate pudding, jello, crackers and clear liquids for a month. Once was enough of that crap, too!

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My mom always advocated keeping some crackers by the bed and eating a couple before you even raise your head off the pillow. It really worked for me. I ate a heck of a lot of crackers and drank several gallons of ginger ale my first trimester. I even drank ginger ale with meals; it seemed to keep the barfing to a minimum.

The one thing I still can't eat is artichokes. I had something with artichokes on it when I was pregnant and got sick. All I could taste and smell were those darn artichokes. Now, the very idea makes me nauseated.

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