How can I Create a Frugal Home?

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A frugal home can be created by paying close attention to all household expenses. Outlining and adhering to a home budget will typically assist efforts to create a frugal household. Eliminating waste related to water, gas, and electricity usage will save money. Becoming a frugal shopper when buying groceries and household supplies will contribute to living frugally. Lowering expenses related to household services, such as lawn maintenance and housecleaning, is another strategy.

The first step to creating a frugal home is creating a home budget. A budget would contain an itemized list of all household expenses. Utilities, groceries, and lawn maintenance are among the various expenses associated with the household. After an exhaustive list of all household expenses has been created, effort can go into examining whether any of the expenses can be eliminated or reduced.

When dealing with a large power bill, there are many ways to conserve energy and save money. Closing the heating and cooling vents and doors to unused rooms is one way to save on heating and cooling costs in a home. Adjusting the thermostat to save energy when not at home is another way to save money. Weather stripping windows and doors will limit extremely cold or hot air from entering the home. Turning off the television, radio, and other electronic devices when not in use can also result in a cumulative decrease in the power bill.


Lowering the water bill is another important part of creating a frugal home. Running the dishwasher and washing machine only when full is one strategy. Taking shorter showers is another option. Not running the water while brushing one’s teeth will help to reduce water usage. Turning off automatic sprinklers in rainy weather will also reduce the water bill.

Creating a frugal home also requires paying close attention to the grocery bill and general household shopping practices. Coupons can be clipped for discounts on commonly purchased items. Buying only the amount of perishable foods that can reasonably be used in a short amount of time will result in waste reduction and savings. Many generic brands are cheaper than brand names, and purchasing these can result in ongoing savings. Cleaning supplies, for example, can often be purchased in cheaper generic varieties.

Paying attention to lowering home services expenses is another important factor in creating a frugal home. A lawn mowing expense can be eliminated if a homeowner mows the lawn himself. Children can be taught to contribute to such household tasks to reduce expenses. All family members can help to clean the home to eliminate housecleaning expenses.



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Frugality is an art!

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A frugal home with lots of kids takes lots of work and dedication.

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