How can I Become a Personal Trainer?

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A personal trainer was once considered a privilege that existed only for sports professionals and Hollywood stars, but more people are using personal trainers today than in any other decade. Personal trainers have become one of the fastest growing occupations, according to the US Department of Labor. One way to kick start a career as a personal trainer is to obtain a qualification in the subject. It is not enough to be fit and healthy; there are many requirements involved and demanded by employers. Gaining a degree in Physical Education will put you ahead of the running in the hunt for employment.

The degree courses provide training in the many scientific aspects that a personal trainer needs to be aware of. Studying how the human body works and its relation to exercise is an intensive subject in itself. The importance of diet and nutrition are also included in the curriculum, as well as the safety aspects of being a personal trainer.

A Bachelor’s degree course usually takes around four years to complete. There are also some certification courses that may not take as long as a degree. There are many courses on the market, and some research should be undertaken to evaluate which is right for you. Make sure the course you choose is accredited, has good word of mouth references, and is up to date in its teaching.


You should also be aware of the type of personal training you wish to study. There are many different areas in the personal training industry. Apart from the obvious work in gyms, there are medical personal trainers who work in hospitals and rehab clinics. This sector of the industry involves a lot of therapy work in order to help people who have problems with mobility.

If you are more interested in the traditional gym route, do some research on your local fitness clubs. Try to arrange an interview with the club’s owner and inform him or her that you are interested in becoming a personal trainer. He or she will be able to tell you what requirements and certifications are necessary in order to work for the club.

One of the most important qualities of a good personal trainer is people skills. A personal trainer needs to build a relationship with the client based on encouragement and trust. Word of mouth is very important if a personal trainer wants to build his or her own client list. If you have just qualified as a personal trainer and want to build up a client list, one or two excellent references are all you need to start the ball rolling. Who knows, once your client list has grown large enough, you may even gain a few celebrity clients.



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