Does Increasing Fiber Help You Lose Weight?

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Increasing fiber can have weight-loss benefits because of the concept of calorie or kilojoule density. Basically, fiber makes food items bigger without adding to the overall number of calories or kilojoules. When people eat food that takes up more space in their stomachs, they generally tend to feel fuller and may eat less over the course of the day, which can lead to weight loss. Fiber also has some other potential added benefits for weight loss, including the fact that it makes food more challenging to chew up, which might also help suppress appetite according to some studies.

During the process of digestion, experts suggest that the body doesn't actually absorb fiber at all. Studies show that it passes right through the system, and many people believe it helps clean out the stomach and intestines. It also absorbs a lot of water, which sometimes aids in making elimination easier; because of this, many people try increasing fiber to deal with constipation.

The process of increasing fiber usually involves a greater focus on certain foods. For example, when people eat a lot of vegetables that can be helpful in raising fiber levels. Some vegetables like cabbage and broccoli, for example, are especially helpful for increasing fiber intake. Other foods with high fiber levels include whole grain breads, nuts, fruits, and legumes.


Since increasing fiber generally cleans out the digestive system, it might sometimes be helpful in eliminating cancer-causing agents from a person's body. For this reason, many people like to consume high-fiber foods as a way to ward off diseases like colon cancer. Eating a diet higher in fiber will also generally mean that the individual is getting a lot of nutritional content in terms of vitamins and minerals, plus he is also usually eating less fat, which can have health benefits for the circulatory system and other body parts.

Some people don't adapt very quickly when increasing fiber, and they might have some level of intestinal distress. According to experts, this will generally abate over time. Many people add fiber to their diets by using powder additives and mixing them with regular foods. Experts suggest this can be beneficial, but eating real, natural, high-fiber foods is generally considered much more effective. Experts also recommend that people shouldn't consider fiber a cure-all for their weight issues since simply increasing fiber won't usually be enough to make a huge impact on someone's weight.



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