Can I Find a Free Online School?

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With the widespread influence of the Internet, it seems that anything is available. In five minutes you can learn something that — just 20 years ago — would have taken multiple trips to a research library. Arguably, the best part of the Internet is that all of this information is free. Many people want to continue their education so that they can further their career or move into a new career field, so they are looking for a free online school.

Whether or not it is possible to find a free online school depends a great deal on what your needs are. Unfortunately, receiving a degree from an accredited college for free is probably going to be impossible. Things are changing so quickly that there is no guarantee that a college won't start granting degrees for free, but it is unlikely.

If, however, you are looking for an education only, and the degree is not important, you may be surprised at what you find. Many fully accredited colleges, including many that are very prestigious, put their classes online as part of an open source network. You won’t have a teacher evaluating your work, but you may have access to the class syllabus, notes, coursework and required reading. Increasingly, professors are even putting their lectures online. For the person wanting an education, not necessarily a degree, there could be no finer free online school.


If you are working toward a degree, these classes will not help. However, if funds are tight, there is no reason to give up. Colleges that offer online courses also typically offer the same type of financial aid that they offer their more traditional students. You can fill out FAFSA paperwork online, with no commitment required. Once you see how much money is available for financial aid, you can determine whether or not you can take classes.

In some cases, free online school is available to students wishing to get a degree in a high-demand field. Teaching and nursing are two fields that may offer state sponsored grants in addition to financial aid packages. If you are interested in these career fields, talk to your local college about their free online school options.



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