Are There Any Real Cellulite Cures?

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There are no true one-size-fits-all cellulite cures that have been proven to work for everybody. Methods do exist to reduce the appearance of cellulite, either long-term or temporarily, but most women will end up with at least a little bit of dimpling along the hips or thighs. This is strongly liked to genetics, since many women with mothers or close family members who have cellulite are more likely to have the condition themselves.

Cellulite is a term used to describe the dimply “cottage cheese” appearance which forms on the hips, lower stomach, and thighs. It is the result of fatty tissue moving into the top layers of skin. Although being overweight and leading a sedentary lifestyle are linked to an increased risk of developing cellulite, even those who are at a healthy weight can be affected. Women are much more likely to experience cellulite than men.

Various “cellulite cures” are on the market both over the counter and through a doctor’s offices. Creams are sold in most any pharmacy or department store which claim to plump and firm skin and remove the appearance of dimples. This is true to an extent. While these creams often temporarily plump the skin, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite, they do not permanently erase it. The creams must be used consistently in order for cellulite to remain invisible.


Diet and exercise have been shown to have an effect on cellulite production, but they are not necessary cellulite cures. Having excess fat in the body makes developing dimples along the hips and thighs more likely, primarily because there is more fat altogether. This makes the likelihood that some of that fat will migrate into the upper tissue layers much greater.

Exercise is probably the most effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite, although it may not erase it altogether. When strength exercises are performed often enough, the growing muscles fill in dimples and make cellulite less noticeable. This does not work for every person, as it often depends on where cellulite forms.

Cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons and other specialists may reduce the appearance of cellulite, but these are not typically cellulite cures either. Laser therapy, for instance, works in much in the same way as creams and plumps the skin temporarily. Liposuction is also often touted as a cure for cellulite, but it removes fat in the lower areas of skin rather than where cellulite-related dimples occur.



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