Are There Any Canker Sore Cures?

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Canker sores can cause both minor irritation and major pain, prompting many victims to search for canker sore cures. It is possible to numb the infected area, and some people believe they can speed up the healing process with home remedies or over-the-counter oral medications. While there are treatments and drugs available, there is no permanent remedy for this type of reoccurring mouth ulcer.

A canker sore is an ulcer inside the mouth. Occurring due to a plethora of causes, canker sores are often caused by irritants such as braces scratching delicate areas of the mouth. Careless chewing can also cause canker sores due to the increased possibility of biting one’s cheek, lip, or tongue.

Varying widely in size, canker sores are relatively small, red lesions outlined in white or yellow. They occur singularly or in clusters. A canker sore typically may exist for five to 10 days. Most canker sores are smaller than 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) in size, though major ulcers can be much larger.

In some cases, attempting to improve one’s dental hygiene can also cause canker sores. Vigorous brushing and toothpastes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate are sometimes to blame. In these cases, victims may find canker sore cures involve more careful eating and brushing habits.


Both kids and adults get canker sores. Many believe genetics are partially to blame for these lesions. When it’s not genetics or chewing habits, though, stress and a weakened immune system can also cause canker sores. Many doctors believe that a healthy diet and positive emotional outlook can reduce the occurrence of canker sores, reducing the need for canker sore cures.

Food sensitivities are also a culprit. Consuming acidic foods or foods and beverages to which one may be particularly sensitive, such as coffee, cheese, or berries, may also cause canker sores. Again, while it isn’t a true cure, limiting the intake of citrus fruits and harsh foods may help the body ward off mouth ulcers.

Topical pastes, sprays, and gels may be the closest things to canker sore cures readily available. They can be found at drug stores and grocery stores. Made by various manufacturers, these ointments typically numb the area for a little while.

Because canker sores are inside the mouth, they don't cause much aesthetic embarrassment. The lesions can hinder one's speaking ability, though. Without canker sore cures, it is best for a canker sore victim to relax and try not to talk much while allowing the lesion to heal.



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